A new way to improve your health

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About assess.health

Introducing Assess.Health, the award winning personal assessment of your health with targeted areas of lifestyle suggestions to make you live a longer, healthier life. For only $4.99 you will receive an assessment, which you will complete and then immediately receive a customized action plan with details on which lifestyle changes are most important for you!! In addition, you will have the opportunity to retake the assessment in 90 days and find out how much improvement you've made.

How it works

Risk Age

Your risk age will show you the difference between your actual age and the age according to your health. You will also receive your target age, your risk age if you are doing everything correctly. You will then get what improvements you can make to your lifestyle to decrease your risk age to your target age.

Action Plan

You will receive a list of tangible goals to improve your health.

Improving your wellbeing

assess.health goes just beyond your health, it will tell you how being healthy can lead to a happier life. Try one of the modules below to see how your quality of life can improve.

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